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We’ve put together some commonly asked questions to give you more information about RCG.

If you have a question that you can’t find the answer to, please write to us on the contact us page.


Click on the position for which you’d like to apply. There, you’ll fill out an application, starting with your name and email address, going through your employment history, background and contact information, and finally upload a current copy of your resume. All this process will take just a few minutes to complete.

Since we are primarily a financial institution, we’ll conduct criminal background, reference, and credit checks prior to a formal offer of employment -with your consent, of course.

Most of our positions are full-time. If there are part-time openings it will be specified in the position description.

If you’re trying to upload your resume or fill out your application using a mobile device, we recommend trying again on a computer. If this doesn’t seem to work and you’re still having trouble, call us at (702) 850-2000 or email us to:, and one of our recruiters will assist you.

We change, you change, the world is in constant changing, and we get that. Our job opportunities and requirements might be different every time and we’d be thrilled to have you apply again. Keep your profile updated with any changes to your experience and education, and feel free to re-apply every six months.

Your recruiter will probably leave you a voicemail you can reply to with your name, number and the best time for you to be reached, so they can try to call you again within the next two business days. I you don’t hear anything within that timeframe, please call us at (702) 850-2000 or email us at :

Our positions can be very different from one another. There are some positions that require you to be onsite, others will let you work remotely, and then there’s some where you can work as you wish. Either way, this should specified in the position description, so you know what you’re applying to.

It is possible that the email your recruiter sent has gone to your Spam folder, we recommend that you check there. If you still haven’t received any email, you can always call us at (702) 850-2000 or email us at :

We will get back to you. For real. If you haven’t heard anything from us in a few weeks, it means that our Recruiter and Hiring Leader are probably still reviewing your application. But we promise we’ll be contacting you via email if you weren’t a match compared to other candidates in process or if the position was filled. If you have already had an interview with a recruiter or a team leader, we will contact you through a call and an email, regardless of the outcome.

Our benefits package goes into effect on your very first day with the company. You can always come back and read about your benefits here.

Sometimes you may need a little help getting what’s best for you. That’s why we automatically consider all our applicants for ALL open positions. If you’re interested in applying for more than one position, you don’t need to upload a resume and cover letter for each, just apply for one or two positions that the strongest match. Once your recruiter calls, you can let them know which other positions you’re interested in, and during the call they will be able to get a clearer picture of where you will match best, or they may know of another position that they feel you would be a better match for.

Most common problems when it comes to submitting an application include incorrectly formatted dates, and the presence of periods, commas and other special characters. Double-check your information and correct any errors you might have gotten. If you’re still having trouble, you can call us at (702) 850-2000 or email us at :

Yes. We provide free, secure parking for all our team members, in all of our locations.

We sometimes provide assistance for some of our new team members to relocate. Eligibility is determined case-by-case, so don’t hesitate to ask your Recruiter if you qualify for relocation assistance.

Each job position will vary in the number of interviews. You can expect to have at least one phone interview with a recruiter and one phone interview with the leader of the team. You might have more phone interviews, if necessary. You might also have in-person interviews with the team leader, if possible and necessary as well.

Once you have been assigned a recruiter and they have contacted you, don’t be afraid to text them if you have something urgent to discuss. You can also send them an email as this is the other best way to reach them.

Don’t stress! The majority of our team members are also home with their kids, pets and makeshift home office setups, so we understand that everyone is doing their best right now. If you end up working here, you’ll quickly realize that we don’t just support you, we support your whole family.

That’s OK! Most of us never imagined working from home for this long, so don’t sweat it. Our team will give you the tools and resources you need to perform your core job responsibilities and we are happy to provide additional support if you need it. All we ask is that you keep a positive mindset and try your best to communicate with your team, even from home.

Yes. We provide sponsorship for specific positions. You will need to comply with a few requirements to obtain it, however: You must have 2 years remaining on your H1-B or have attained your I-140. In addition, your degree must be aligned with the position you are applying for.

Background checks take time, and we don’t want you waiting too long to be able to start with us. Filling this out priot to your final interview will allow us start this process early, so we can make a decision easier and you can join us as soon as possible. This background check also includes a soft credit pull.

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