At Luminate Home Loans, our mission is to unlock people's full potential through finances and provide them with clarity through every step of the loan process.

We make lending approachable. By bringing transparency and consistency to every part of the financial world, we strive to guide people to decisions that are in their best interest. It's our goal to help you feel informed and engaged at every turn.

While we've been in business since 1998, you may notice that things look a little "new" around here—and you'd be correct! Previously known as AMEC Home Loans, we rebranded to Luminate Home Loans in 2020, but we have decades of experience under our belt.

It was our amazing leadership team that took us from a team of six to 200+, all by believing that everyone deserved a clear direction in lending through transparency and consistency. We've worked hard to change the existing model of current mortgage companies and the banking industry, because we want the process to be streamlined for your benefit.

We are employee-owned – including each one of our leaders. Always nice to know the Owner!

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